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2014 was another great year for “Jack” after earning BC Hi-point Junior Dog in 2013. Jack and I ran 11 trials in 2014 and ended the year with 10 placements (including a couple of wins) and one CM. 2014 definitely included tremendous opportunities and challenges that I didn’t expect and am very grateful for them all because they surely made me a better dog trainer. Young Jack continues to live a dual life with his two families - Bobby and Lacee Sluggett as family pet and hunting companion by weekday and field trial ‘junkie’ on the weekends with me. He’s a lucky dog!  

No success can be earned in this sport without the support and guidance of a training group. A huge thank you to the Victoria gang (John, Jim, Daniel, Reg, Graham, Ted, Wes, Ian & Debby) for the many birds thrown and sage advice. Onward and upward and looking forward to 2015!

Hope Roberts 
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The live action teaching portion of the Smartwork system

Our DVD/video library is a full fifteen DVDs strong! This is not only an enormously advantageous extra degree of teaching the main frame of our system, but also offers instruction on training elements no one covers! The Smartwork System rises above all others, as we provide the following...

Puppy Program
Formalizing fundamental Obedience
The most complete course in Force Fetch anywhere
A solid, sequential course in Basic Handling skills
Water Force & Swim-by
3 detailed Transition courses, from Early, to Mid, to Late Transition
Gundog Essentials; just the simple basic gundog skills
In the Field; a unique course that takes your dog’s skills and shows you how to apply them in three of the main Hunt Test venues
Special skill sets, like Definitive Casting, Walking Baseball, and others!

This is THE premiere retriever training program!
The core of the Smartwork system

These three highly detailed and easy-to-follow training manuals contain full explanations of training principles and techniques. Most of all, they make sense of retriever training for anyone, regardless of how new, or how experienced they may be.

Together with our DVD library, they form the complete system to train your own retriever from basic gundog, to the pinnacle of competitive excellence! There are blank note pages included with each drill diagram to help get you started tracking your dog's progress.

It is recommended for the serious minded trainer to study the books first, and then follow up with the video for the level you're working on.Read them many times. Return and reflect upon what you have learned. All principles detailed in these excellent books are shown in live action on our videos.
My wife and I will be serving a mission for the next two years, and  will not be available until then. We will announce our return.