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CFC-CAFC Hard Road Jack as a High Point Derby dog!
Testimonials about and Endorsements of EVAN GRAHAM 
and the Smartwork system
Testimonials & Endorsements 

I have recently bought some of the DVD's from your system, so I thought I would introduce myself, because I am sure I will have a question or 2 down the road. I have 2 labs, 22-month-old CLF and a 6-month-old BLM. I have only owned labs as long as my dogs are old, but I have an extreme love for them as well as an incredible amount of passion for training them. I used other systems to train my older pup, which worked out well and I am happy with her progression, but started in with yours and see so many benefits to eliminate the "guess" and put me in the "know"! I will be training my 6 month old with your program; I am very excited about that!!

KRP – Utah 

I have a GRF that is sensitive and I used Evan's SmartFetch - the DVD was extremely helpful. Once I figured out how to help my dog understand pressure and work through it, the rest of our training has gone even smoother than the first part. Force fetch establishes that fetch is a command, the same way that "sit" is a command - it teaches the dog that "you don't do whatever you want once you grab the bird - you do what I want you to - and that is pick it up and hold it nicely until I take it from you with my hand and command you to drop it." It also means that going out and getting that retrieve object is not optional - whether it's something the dog is used to, or a big fat Canada goose - (something that often causes confusion the 1st time a dog is sent to retrieve). Force fetching isn't pinching on a dog's ear or toe until it does what you want - it's teaching a dog about "pressure" and when it experiences pressure, compliance with the command is the way to turn off the pressure. Pressure comes in many forms - anyone who uses an e-collar should be familiar with the application of pressure as a teaching/correcting tool. We aren't out there abusing our dogs, quite the contrary - I believe that FF sets the dog up to succeed in much of its future training exercises and is one of the building blocks of formal training.

I encourage you to beg, borrow or buy a copy of the SmartFetch if you have any interest in learning more about the FF process.

JM – IL 

I just wanted to write and thank you for the smart work program and
express my appreciation for your willingness to share your knowledge
with the retriever community. I've been so disgusted and bothered by
a few of the comments on the retriever training forum that I just
wanted to let you know how many of us love your program, seminars,
books and your posts on the retriever website. Last weekend I had the
opportunity to attend Don Remein's seminar, which was a great
experience, and a wealth of knowledge. But it lacked the structure,
professionalism, patience, and the ability to communicate with the
audience; you do so well with at your seminars. I hope you continue
in the direction your heading and we continue to see more publications
from rush creek press.

RS – UT 

For anyone considering Evan's material, my dog is a retrieving testament that it works. 

A year ago I didn't know my you-know-what from my other you-know-what. I was using Waterdog and was even on here arguing its case. 

I finally came to my senses and started using Smartwork in February last year. Started from the beginning. By October I had managed to put a SH on a show dog, and we should get the MH this year.

The fact that a guy who's never trained a dog before can get a show dog to this level in less than a year should tell you all you need to know about Smartwork!!

SB – TX 


This is J*** D****** from Galesburg, IL. I recently purchased one of your puppy DVD’s. I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoy the DVD. The way you explained everything and broke things down by the age of the puppy makes it easy for a beginner like me to follow along and comprehend everything. I will be following along with the rest of your program as my puppy grows and progresses. She’s only 9 weeks right now but we have already started with some retrieving and obedience. Keep up the good work. 

JD – IL 

February 2009

Mr. Graham,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful Smartwork videos they have been a BIG help for me and my daughter/handler, Katherine (age 11), to follow while training our female chocolate lab! We will be taking our first Seasoned and Senior Hunt Tests this Spring!! We have already titled in Junior and Started Tests. Wish us luck!! I'll send pictures of the event and our ribbons!  

Many people have asked me why I don't handle the dog myself during the Hunt Tests and I tell them if the dog is trained right anyone should be able to handle the dog.

Please keep smiling and hold your head up, by producing these videos you have not only created a wonderful pet but an excellent hunting companion that the family enjoys!  

Thank you!!! We look forward to meeting you one day!


Michael and Katherine F.

Evan, I am sending my 2 yo YLF off next month for some training. I have asked the pro which methods they favor. Here is my query followed by her response:

Hi Ron & Marge
I was just wondering if you prescribe to any particular "school" of training method? By that I mean do you lean towards any particular trainer's methods e.g., M L's TRT or Evan Graham's Smart Works or your own school. Just curious. I thought I might get a leg up on some methods while she is there. 
Tim & Boo

I would say we use quite a bit of Evan Graham's methods. L is good...if you don't fall asleep while watching the video. Thru the years you kind of develop your own way of doing things. One of L's methods works where a Evan works or D F doesn't etc. One thing to keep in mind is that they are training field trial dogs and a lot of time and effort has to put into a dog that wins in that game. A normal person usually doesn't have the time or money to put into making a field champion in the field trial game. All the different methods work and a lot of time has been put into the programs. A good solid hunting dog can be had by anyone that puts the effort in to training them.
Hope this helps, 

Okay, enough of that. My real question is after going to your website is which book / DVD would be best for me? I am dumbfounded by all the choices.

I plan on hunting her, but would like to do some HT to keep her sharp off season (and she loves the stuff so why not do it all year, right?).
She has solid OB, FF, starting casting & force back to pile, and has got one hunting season under her belt. She is not gun-shy & is very steady to shot. I have been using A. Dahl’s 10-Minute Retriever. She is the first dog I have trained for this level.
Thanks for taking the time to read all this. 
Tim & Boozer

Hi Evan,

My name is N D. I've recently been elected the new president of our local HRC club in Douglas, WY (Laramie Peak HRC). I'm relatively new to dog training (4 years) and I've accumulated an enormous library of training materials in that time. While my skills are still lacking, I'm hoping that I'm at least slowly but surely learning from my studies. I want to thank you for putting out your Smartwork series of books and videos. While a lot of the information may be the same or similar to other folks' training methods, your ideas are easier for me to understand. I guess it's like certain authors who are easy to read and others who are dull and boring and hard to comprehend. I thoroughly enjoy your materials, while I've had to force myself to sit through other resources over the past few years. So, again, my dogs and I thank you for your efforts to communicate your training ideas to us common folk.

I have a question / favor to ask of you. In preparation for our upcoming hunt test this summer, I'm trying to organize items for our raffle fundraiser. We are a very small club, but I know some of our other members are also using your methods in their training techniques with their dogs. It dawned on me that some of your materials would be a great item to give away at our raffle. My question to you is whether or not you ever offer any discounts of any kind for clubs in similar positions. I'm not asking for any handouts or free-bees. I'm just trying to make the most of our funds in organizing this and thought I'd go directly to the source. If you don't do things like this, I fully understand. Especially with the state of the economy today. But, if you do, would you send me some sort of price for your entire DVD lineup, which I believe is 11 videos? If we can't fit the entire set into our budget, I'd at least like to do a Basics package. And, please let me know what the best way to order these would be. I've pieced my personal collection together from one supplier or another, but I'm just as happy to order them from your website directly if you'd prefer. Either way, please let me know. Thanks for your time in reading this and I look forward to hearing from you. Take care and good luck with a great upcoming summer of training / trialing / testing.


March 2009


Thanks for the advice, I followed your advice and it cleaned things up in a couple of sessions. I am amazed at the reaction you get from the dog with this program, they know what to do to turn of the pressure. Their understanding is amazing, which makes them more willing. I appreciate your help and I am sure I will have another question for you soon.


We have used the "ow" method on our last 3 pups, all very high flyers, with great success. The word means nothing, whatever you use startle the pup when he first starts to bite. Timing has to be good.

On what program to use my 2 cents is.....pick the program that gives you the most understandable and complete information that you can follow. 

Who has the best record in the world is meaningless, I think L would win that one. I have read almost all of them and they all have nuggets to learn from in them. 

Evan has a gift of communicating both written and verbal with people that in my opinion makes his program stand out. They are the most complete, covering more issues that may crop up that you need help with. They have more detail, diagrams and drills to help teach the trainer. So, I don't care who has the best track record, I'm looking for the one I get the most out of to help me progress my dogs. So far that has been Smartwork.

This is not a paid referral, just my opinion.


Training is going well with Ceiliidh. I was tempted to enter her in SH at the end of this month but I still have some work to do with water. She could get it but I'm not taking any chances and will wait until August when there is a test I will definitely enter. She will be ready by then. I remember what you said about Ceiliidh and not rushing into tests. We're having fun training and we are getting her line manners in control.
Great seminar Evan and I'm looking forward to getting your obedience DVD.

M BC, Canada

Thanks Evan for all your feedback and support. Due in part to your excellent Smartwork program I have titled my bitch today. I have reviewed my training program over the years and incorporated many of Evans drills. My bitch is talented but very complex and Smartwork has really helped me out and given me a different perspective. It is much more satisfying to do it yourself rather than be a chequebook trainer.
I hope you get a kick Evan out of seeing the fruits of your Smartwork program
here is a picture of Retrieving Trial CH Featherhunt Justlikegabby.

(*That’s great Evan.

I am very pleased for you.) You might have both Patton’s Saber and Abbey running in nationals this year.
It is a very good testament to the quality of Smartwork that amateur trainers can succeed at very high levels by following your program. i know how much my dogs have benefited from your knowledge.

You’re an absolute legend!

Thanks mate!!!

Cheers, peter

PB ~ Australia

AFC Teal Creek Patton's Saber
Graeme Parkinson (NSW), 2003 Nat RT Ch Terraway Sargeant Major

Zoe Kiana McWhirt SH

UH HRCH GMH GoldnGuns Dynamite Diva *** MH WCX earns an Open 2nd, a third and three 3 cm's in 7 Open Stakes.

Anne Everett

UH HRCH GMH Doublegold Spitfire ** MH WCX earns a Qual 3rd and 2 CM's

Anne Everett

UH HRCH Heads Up Running Man ** MH WCX - Pass!

A E 

Wingmasters sudden downpour MH

Cedar springs the CEO MH

GRHRWR Slim Jim's Mazzin' Mallilou

Hello Evan,

Have used your Smartwork books in the past with my now 10 and 11 year old labs. Currently have them out on loan to my Vet as he is working with his three Goldens. Love the series, helps a lot. Looking forward to the DVD's in the future.

I am currently looking for a new pup and this particular litter seems interesting to me as I currently have an EBA offspring now and the other obvious quality dogs listed in this pedigree.

Was hoping I could steal a thought or two from you on this litter I am considering.


Wildwood, Missouri


I was sorry to read and see you felt the need to post your performance record and training bio....however found it immensely interesting, hopefully one day I can help the dog's achieve some of the trained successes you were able to, in such limited trialing.

For what it's worth, I've read and watched about everything there is to see in retriever training, and have worked with/for a couple of "the greats" - you're information is so excellently laid out and informative - I recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for material.

Thanks for the teaching, and work you’ve shared in your books and videos....I hope you are enjoying much business success in it all.

With very best regards,

Wayne Dibbley


Wow. Switching to your product was probably the smartest move I've made in my training thus far. 

I now see all of the mistakes I made when force fetching my dog. I especially appreciate your emphasis on reading the dog's facial expression as it relates to the amount of pressure you are applying. I went WAY too light on the ear pinch. Before, I actually started with the toe hitch, she understood that, and then went to the ground to ear pinch, and she fetched on command... but she wasn't doing it to avoid pressure, she was doing it because I told her to and she wanted to. She has sooooo much desire to have that bumper in her mouth that it takes a little more pressure than I once thought necessary to show her that the objective is to 'turn off the pressure'. 
If any novice trainers are faced with a similar circumstance where they are trying to decide which training method to use, don't hesitate to send them my way for some first hand experience.

Thanks again Evan,


I want to make sure that you know how grateful I am for all the help that you have given me, both here and on the RTF. I can't believe how far Dixie has come since I got her and I couldn't have done it without your books and your help and advice. Force fetch was especially tough, but I think that we are done, based on what you and Misty Marsh said in response to my question here. I am going to do mini pile for a few more days to be sure she has got it, but I think we'll be OK. Based on your advice on the RTF regarding real birds, I found a buddy with a couple ducks in his freezer that he gave to me tonight. I thawed them out and introduced her to a duck. After a few tosses and her trying to figure out what it was, she couldn't get enough of it. I had no mouth problems and she delivered to hand every time. There was once or twice that she dropped it prematurely, I commanded fetch and she immediately picked it back up. All of this is because of the help that you have given me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Update: Two weeks of tough love.

Days 1-10 I committed to set up and run only ONE single for her per day. A little extreme? Yeah, but I was willing to step waaay back and simplify. I would change locations each day and I alternated marks on land and water every other day. Mixed in some bucket work and healing drills as well. 

By day 7 she was beside herself so I caved in and ran 2 singles, and then put her up. By this time I can see we had turned the corner.

Each day I would progressively increase the distance of the mark and add in some level of difficulty. 

On days 11 & 12 I ran a double and one blind. She could hardly contain herself as I would give a 2-3 second pause before releasing her.

Day 13 no marks or blind, just some more bucket work preparing for the hunt test on the weekend.

It was a painful slow two weeks but well worth it as she passed two Finished tests over the weekend. She was dialed in and ran with style; quite a dramatic change from two weeks ago. In retrospect I believe my training had become unbalanced. This experience was a valuable lesson for me as a handler.



Hi Evan,
I have the complete Smartwork DVD package, starting with the puppy program through transition, and walking baseball and definitive casting. I have never trained a dog to this level before and am having a blast. Running hunt tests and last weekend was our duck opener. She did real well. I am very proud of her. Thanks so much for such a great step-by-step program, and being so available to answer questions.
My girl is 15 months and we are in early – mid transition. We are taking our time and I think she is progressing well.

While I rarely post on this forum, I do check it almost everyday. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come on here, post and help every one that has a question or problem.
Both of my own dogs have been FF by pros, however, I recently purchased your Smart Fetch to go along with your obedience DVD's and the way you explained and showed your system is outstanding. I am helping 2 of my sons friends with there young dogs and things are going very well so far (one of these fine young men recently returned from a tour in Iraq with the Marines where he was injured). While I really enjoy working with them, it is also nice to know that if I have a question or problem, I know that I can post on this board for help.
Thanks again for your help to everyone.



I further watched the Smartwork handling DVD and I wanted to let you know even though im’ not even close to that point in my training, you have given me allot of detail and I relate and can understand. I want you to know I feel that I can be very successful if I follow your program! I feel fortunate that I purchased your program and got away from Wolters, it would have been a wasted dog if I would have just followed Richards’s books and videos! Your were truly correct when you said it was "Dated"! Thanks again Evan I know ill be asking questions along the way and I hope that you will answer them. I see your location is Kansas City Mo, I live in Independence Kansas and if you have any seminars in or around Kansas City, I would appreciate it if you could give me some info and dates!


I second this suggestion.. This is the most thorough program I've seen, if followed correctly and you really TAKE YOUR TIME to make sure your dog knows what you're teaching you cannot fail. Evan's series is brilliant.. He's also coming out with a puppy DVD. I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it's top notch! 

I bought the book (SmartFetch). A little background. When I bought the book I already had watched the L***y "total retriever" videos, read through the L***y training manuals copied from Retriever Journal. Trained with Jackie M****s for a few years. Learned FF from Connie C******d in Jackie's front yard. I thought I knew what I was doing. Until a few years down the road with a new pup out of a litter I had. My FF wasn't as solid as I would of liked it with my older dog, never had any problems but saw a few things along the way that could of been improved. 

Based on experience watching the Lardy videos, I'd watch the videos and take notes to bring out into the field. When I decided to buy Evan's SmartFetch, I decided the book would be the way to go. No more taking notes, just bring the book out into the field with me or make copies of the lesson I was working on and stick it in my back pocket. Take a couple quick looks to refresh my memory and off I went. I guess the idea situation would be to watch the videos and also have the book in .pdf form so you could print off whatever lesson you'd be working on to bring out into the field.

 I recently purchased the smart fetch DVDs and just finished watching them today. I am not that fond of reading, I can get much more out of something by watching it done. Although, it would be nice to have the book as a reference, as you go through the steps. The DVDs were great, very thorough and easy to understand. I would like to see anybody who is against FF, watch these videos. They would see how little pressure is actually needed, of course the amount of pressure would depend of the individual dog, but it is done with the very least amount of pressure. This is something, IMO, you can't fully appreciate from a book.

I enjoyed them very much and became more knowledgeable because of them.  


I believe in their use with current and sound training practices.That being said I've trained Field Champions without the collar and also with the collar-I would never go back.

I might suggest that Evan offers some excellent training programs and resources for any of us who choose to avail ourselves to them.
I realize we all train our dogs differently but there have been some real and different issues come out in this threat-but again Good Luck to ALL.



Update: You helped me with Scout, a show dog, ended up taking him to trainer and a long story short, dog just did not have prey drive, desire, etc.. I have since purchased a dog from FT/HT lines, 8 mo. old now, what a difference! He has excellent OB. He chomped through hold, but since moving on to FF he is getting better by the day with hold. He is moving what seems quickly and easily through FF. Very little pressure, 1-2 sessions in front, 1-2 sessions in front and up, seems like he is ready to move to the ground.

A couple of quick questions:

1. When pinching the ear, if you are progressing smoothly from fetch in front, fetch up, fetch down, are you increasing the pressure (pinch) at any point, or leaving it just enough to get desired reaction?

2. I have watched the FF video several times, is 1-2 sessions fetching in front too quick? Or should I just move at the pace of the dog? The dog is catching on really quick and my worry is that if I move too quickly I may have a pitfall down the road. 


J R 


I have hunted my entire life and spent a lot of time with retrievers but there have been elements of retriever training that seemed very mysterious and almost magical to me. Your Smartwork series has taken the mystery out of it and allowed me to find and correct some fairly big holes in my (pro-trained) dog's foundation. First and foremost, your system is FAIR and CLEAR to the dog and has given me the confidence and the tools as a handler to expect the most and best from my animals. Please keep doing what you do, a lot of people appreciate you.

I personally don’t have a lot of experience either and I purchased Evans Smartwork....I think its great!!! Its very easy to follow, and the book fills in gaps with the video, and vise versa!!

I have both L & Graham DVD’s. I found Evan Graham smart works to be better suited for the beginner. Like myself. He takes you step by step very clearly. No guessing or confusion. Just my 2 cents worth.

The one thing smart works has going for it is Evan himself. He puts himself out there everyday on these forums answering questions and will help you out if you get hung up,

That should mean a lot !!

I too have both programs and IMO Evan's program goes into more detail. This is the first pup I’ve trained and am extremely impressed with the result's I’ve gotten from using his program (as long as you invest the time). You wont be disappointed.

I like Evan's Smartwork Series. L's material is nice too. Get both the books and the DVD with the program you choose...they compliment each other nice. 

Evan has added some recent DVD's to his collection...puppy and gun dog, which would be nice as you are at the stage of getting ready to bring the pup home.

My advice is read and watch each DVD more then once. After applying what you have learned, when you go back and re-read/re-watch...you will pick up more from the material then the first time you read/watched. Things start to mean more once you have applied it in the field and experienced a few hiccups or bugging. 

Evan's SmartFetch book and DVD is flat out awesome. Extremely detailed and easy to follow. 

Lardy's e-collar condition DVD/book is nice to own. Really explains how to use one.

Overall there is a lot of nice training material available. Sometimes the more you learn the bigger your training tool box becomes. With more knowledge comes more flexibility in your approach. But the down side is when you mix ideas and programs things can start to get confusing in your head.

Good luck...you will enjoy Evan's Smartwork series. And his support on the forums is top notch!

I second this post. I first bought L T*T #2 based on recommendations from the group I started training with. Since I know nothing about training a lab, I was immediately lost.

I then bought Smartwork because I saw Evan posting here and on other forums. I found it to be much more to my liking, being a new trainer. He breaks it down so much better to allow the newbie to understand the process and terminology.

Now that I have been working through things for 6 months or so and moving along nicely, I think I would be able to understand either method, but since I found Evan's to be so good for me to start, I am sticking with his program for the remainder of the process.

Also, I would take Evan up on that offer of joining him on May 29th. You could not ask for a better introduction into the system than to have the man himself introduce you to it.

Good luck.

we had a big weekend this weekend
a big thank you to u and to Smartwork
very exciting weekend this weekend for me
i titled Bossco
bossco won a double header
i went 1-2 on Saturday with bossco and abbey
bossco becomes the first 100% American dog to title in Australia and the first to win a double header
this gives me a lot of pleasure since some other all American dogs are not so highly regarded in Australia and since bossco is 4 success has not come quickly
cheers peter
lets hope this doesn’t upset Alex and Mr. Healy to much!



First I want to say thank you for your excellent videos, I bought them about a year ago and I can honestly say you saved my dog! He is doing great although he doesn't have the highest drive in the world he does the job and enjoys making me happy. He also has retrieved every bird that I sent him on during last years hunting season at only 9months old. This would not have been possible without your videos. I recommend them to all my hunting buddies. 

My question is I am having trouble getting him to pick-up a goose. He will retrieve it on water but then won't "bring it to hand" like he will with ducks and bumpers. I have force fetched him but do I need to revisit? He does fine with the Dokens goose I bought but still won't pic up a goose. Any suggestions? He is a 18months old Golden. I feel like this is the last thing I need to accomplish with this dog and I will be happy with his "huntng" performance. But I will more than likely continue his training and he loves to learn new things. Plus, I enjoy training.



Just wanted to say thank you for all the help your Smartwork DVD's have been to date. We finished "hold" and "walking hold" with great results and are currently in our first week of "ear pinch" FFing with a paint roller. I have continued to work on marking and things are really coming together. From day one he has been VERY possessive of fetch objects, never returning to my side unless on a check cord. Now since finishing CC to "here", "hold", and "walking hold" he will return and heel/sit to my side holding any fetch object till commanded to "drop". Your teaching style and dog handling techniques have made this process very rewarding for the both of us. Thank you also for the continued advice on the forum as well.



I just want to tell you that although I do not comment or post much, I appreciate the thoughtful and sound advice you give everyone. You are always constructive and willing to help. More folks should take a cue from you. 

BTW - I enjoy your Smartwork program. I have read the books and they have helped me tremendously with my pups. 

Thanks again, Evan. You are a class act!

Yours very truly,

Quote by Evan -- "Wanna spend a few hundred bucks a weekend on a wish & a hope you might get a pass here or there in Senior? Or do you want to make that investment in a dog that has real reason to pass each time? It's up to you. If your dog is starting to perform competently at the Master level in training, he's probably in that position. 

Prepare your dog in such a manner that the work he is normally called upon to do under-whelms him, not overwhelms him. Words to the wise."

V J 

I reviewed several different training books and videos before deciding to
purchase the Smartwork package by Evan Graham. I found it to be the most
comprehensive of those I reviewed. It also helps for a first timer like myself
to have books written and videos directed in a very plain English context
(dumbed down). Nothing is assumed that the handler / trainer already knows. But
at the same time it's not so dumbed down that it's boring.

The best part of the package is Evan gladly gives you his contact info. There
has been several occasions where I have sent him an e-mail stating "I'm
working on XXXX process from page XXX of volume XX and I'm having the following
issue or I don't quite understand what to do." Evan has always answered my
e-mail quickly with the right encouragement to keep me and my dog headed in the
right direction. 

I would (and have) recommend this training package to anyone I know looking to
train their first pup or looking to improve their current training regimen.
Shawn Kelso
V.P. Sales and Marketing
Rusty Bakers Outdoors

Definitive Casting commentary

Hello Evan,

Just wanted to give a quick brag, I know you will appreciate. Started DC with Tooka about a week and a half ago. As I said on RTF been doing all drills at least 3 times. First two had absolutely no issues. First 2 over casts on drill 3 she scalloped, one extra cast to get back on line. After that no issues. She was ready to go to drill 4. Had two days off because of stuff that came up, I debated weather to go back and do 3 again or move to 4. Chose 4. Set the drill up, I probably set the pile too far. Was roughly 85 yards from the stopping point to the pile. Left her on the line to the bird and handled to the pile. First two cast she took a flat over. Moved her back to the line where she started and gave her an angle cast with a little step to the right. She took it but not convincingly. Stopped her, gave her a better ( on my part) cast and she carried it to the pile. 

That was the only one it took an additional cast to get to the pile. She absolutely carried every over to the 85 yard pile with conviction. Only ran 4 times because it turned out to be so long and it was 80 degrees, but each mark I stopped her closer and closer to the bird. The last run I stopped her at around 20 yards. When I gave the cast you could tell she wanted to spin but thought better of it and nailed it. 

I know you get to see this type of work often, but she is the first dog I have truly trained to be a "big dog". I also knew you would appreciate my excitement. 

DC is an extremely well thought out program. I appreciate your work on it. You are giving us the tools to do work beyond my wildest expectations. And she is loving it. 


Hi Evan. My name is S H and not been in the dog training very long (6ish years). I would like to thank you for your dedication to the training newbies. I do use your books and I train mainly by myself. I don’t post much or hardly ever but I do know who to listen to on here. Some are way out there but I don’t care to get involved with all the crap that can go on here on a forum. That is why I am PM-ing you. I am reading the ff thread and can’t help but say until you have done 2 or 3 dogs from the same litter one will never grasp how different dogs are at learning. I have used your program (books only) from the start and in the 6 years have 7 dogs thru ff and working on a litter of 4 more as we speak. Need to quit this day job. lol. I know that’s not a lot of dogs compared to what a pro would be doing but its a lot for just a rookie. You have undoubtedly been told that your program works but just telling you again. I took one of my pups from start to now, including whelping, to MH title, Qualified for MN at age 25 months got dropped in the 5th and he is now 3 and a half and the last trial we ran in Oct. got an RJ in the AM. Has all colors in the Q stake and is QAA. All I need to do is win the lottery so I can afford to keep playing these silly dog games. lol. 

Thanks again and look forward to reading more of your post.

Happy Holidays, S H

[From Danno]
Dear Evan,

Because of you and your Smartwork program Roxy has really classed me and my guide business up. Thanks again!

Recently I have embarked on creating a duck hunting information membership site and would like to see if you might have any interest in participating in it. The site is currently under construction but you can go to www.fourcurlnation.com to get a rough idea of what I am trying to accomplish. My goal is for the site to be member driven and video focused. Rather than tell the members what I think they want to know I want this site to be very interactive and allow them to tell us what they want to know.

I am offering you a free membership and the ability to advertise your business through use of your signature line both in forum responses and at the bottom of any short articles or videos you provide. Frequent contributors may also be featured and interviewed by me to further highlight and expose your business to the readership. Your first article submission activates your membership. Obviously the more you contribute the more frequently you will get your services presented before the membership. Free advertising so to speak. 

One of my forums is titled “Ask the Pro” with a sub-category “Dog Professional” where members can ask their specific questions. I also have another forum topic “Dogs & Training” that can cover any and all areas as it pertains to dogs and duck hunting. Feel free to pick and choose whatever topic or question you want to address. 

I hope this is of interest to you. I would love to have your valuable insight available to my membership because I have successfully used and believe in your program. Please let me know your thoughts and interest level concerning this request or any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan “Danno” M 
(The same “Danno” featured on your website under “Personal Consultation Services)

Mr. Graham,
I hope things are going well. First off I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Josh Pelletier and I live in eastern NC. I lost my BLM a couple of weeks ago at the age of 8. He got a brain tumor and his quality of life had decreased to that point where we had to make that decision. That being said, he was by far the best dog I have ever been around, and he will never be replaced. I followed your Smartwork program from the day I brought him home. He was a great retriever finishing just under 1100 before he wasn’t able to hunt anymore. More than that, he was an exceptional family dog. Stayed in the house and in bed with my wife when he retired. So thank you, for walking someone like me, who had never even owned a retriever, through training the best dog I will probably ever have. 
We are excited about getting another dog, and I even more excited, fingers crossed, that he or she will go down the same path that Bo took. We are scared and a little nervous. My wife will compare every dog to Bo, as I am sure I will catch myself doing from time to time. I say all of this to ask your opinion on which sex you prefer. I know this is a fairly basic question and no matter what we choose we will love unconditionally. My only other experience was with my former dog Bo, and he was a lot smarter than I was so I can't take all the credit for his success. I am just trying to gather as much information before we begin puppy shopping. 
Again, thanks for your program. I know you are very busy so if you don't have time to answer I completely understand. I just wanted to let you know what role you played in my first retriever. --JP 


SmartFetch works :). Must be a British Columbia thing because I only had to let him watch the DVD a few times and he got it! 

All joking aside thank goodness for solid obedience before ff as I would have never had the ability to do this starting off from the ground without the base of a good solid sit. Walking fetch evolved into a beautiful heel to finish and he is solidly returning from retrieves and heeling to finish. My wife handles this pup as much as I do and she is now hooked on training and wants a new shot gun for herself for this upcoming duck season. He is 10 months old.

(From an Internet forum discussion on e-collars)

E-collars of yesteryear not so much! E-collars of today an amazing tool in the tool box! Study of it's application essential. A good foundation in pressure and release, and how to let the dog have a way out is a must! Helps your dog to become successful!

I have attended An Evan Graham Retriever Workshop, if you ever get an opportunity to attend and learn from Evan don’t miss out. He is an excellent teacher, and coach!

Gene Creller: "Erin the reason I like Smartwork is because it takes you from the beginning to the end. You can stop when you are happy with your dogs progress anywhere along the way. If you want to stop in the middle with a well trained gun dog or you are looking for something more. Its precise and has great detail. Evan offers a ton of books and videos. Ive used other material and i wouldn’t knock any if it. Its all great information, even Mike Lardy's Total Retriever. I have those DVDs and books. But i prefer Smartwork. Its helped me over the years with my dogs and i really believe the whole set is fairly inexpensive. In 2007 i almost paid $200 for the Total Retriever set i have and you can get the whole Smartwork program for $300 and something. Guess it all depends on what you really want to do as far as training with your pup."
Does Smartwork WORK?
Yes it does.

Two years ago we lost our pet of 15 years. Since I duck hunt we decided we would get a lab and I would attempt to train it. I had never even trained a dog to shake much less trained a retriever. I found this forum and several recommended Smartwork.

From this program I not only learned mechanics of training but more importantly learned basic concepts that have guided all of my training. Concepts like training is sequential, setting and maintaining a standard and learning how to train while being fair to my dog. This fairness is really important to me because my dog is my buddy. Additionally, bring fair with her has resulted in a dog that is completely devoted to me and our training. It has created a dog that is very stylish and explosive off the line. The dog obviously enjoys her work.

This past weekend we ran HRC seasoned and passed both days. We did make mistakes but we also watched more experienced trainers not pass. The test wasn’t a cake walk. I realize in the world of dog training this isn’t a big deal but it felt like a big deal to me as I have already exceeded my original expectations. I also received several nice compliments on my dog and the way she ran.

I posted this for other first time trainers that might be looking for a program and more importantly to say thanks to Evan Graham for his excellent program. I’m pretty proud of my little dog and the work we have accomplished. While I have exceeded my original expectations we will continue to train because we both enjoy it. I have had some great pets but I’ve never had a dog more devoted to me. This is clearly a result of our training and the work we’ve done together.