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Does Smartwork WORK?
Yes it does.

Two years ago we lost our pet of 15 years. Since I duck hunt we decided we would get a lab and I would attempt to train it. I had never even trained a dog to shake much less trained a retriever. I found this forum and several recommended Smartwork.

From this program I not only learned mechanics of training but more importantly learned basic concepts that have guided all of my training. Concepts like training is sequential, setting and maintaining a standard and learning how to train while being fair to my dog. This fairness is really important to me because my dog is my buddy. Additionally, bring fair with her has resulted in a dog that is completely devoted to me and our training. It has created a dog that is very stylish and explosive off the line. The dog obviously enjoys her work.

This past weekend we ran HRC seasoned and passed both days. We did make mistakes but we also watched more experienced trainers not pass. The test wasn’t a cake walk. I realize in the world of dog training this isn’t a big deal but it felt like a big deal to me as I have already exceeded my original expectations. I also received several nice compliments on my dog and the way she ran.

I posted this for other first time trainers that might be looking for a program and more importantly to say thanks to Evan Graham for his excellent program. I’m pretty proud of my little dog and the work we have accomplished. While I have exceeded my original expectations we will continue to train because we both enjoy it. I have had some great pets but I’ve never had a dog more devoted to me. This is clearly a result of our training and the work we’ve done together.
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Evan Graham Transition/Advanced Seminar
August 16th & 17th 2019

The right way to advance from Basic skills through Transitioning to cold blinds, multiple types of diversions, advanced marking skills, defined casts, and much more! 

  • ​Chalk talk and discussion each morning and evening.
  • Handouts for every participant.
  • Opportunities for those who bring dogs to actually run the drills and receive instruction in real time.
  • Special drills and procedures for specific problems.
  • Cameras and camcorders welcome.

It is highly​ recommended that every person attending this seminar bring supplies for note taking!

Click on this link for more information, and to sign up. You are encouraged to sign up right away as space is limited! https://firststateretrieverclub.com/events